Top 10 Most Amazing Water Bridges In The World


Bridges are awesome. Let's get that out of the way first. They help us with transporting goods and services across rivers and help connect places that have never been connected before. We drive our cars, buses, trucks and trains over them daily. But, what if we told you that there exists a bridge for ships and boats as well. Yeah, we know it sounds silly, but humans, the awesome engineers that we are, have managed to actually build bridges of water. Water bridges, as they're more commonly known, are truly a marvel of modern engineering.

Also known as a navigable aqueduct, it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a bridge that carries water, across which one can navigate on a boat. The thought itself sounds unique and poetic. Serving as connectors of channels and canals, these aqueducts are amazing feats of engineering and absolutely perfect spots for quaint and surreal experiences over water. Here 10 of the world's best water bridges in the world

1. Aqueduct Veluwemeer, Netherlands

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These 25 metres of epicness flowing loudly right above an underpass in the middle of lake Veluwemeer is called the Aqueduct Veluwemeer. It connects the Netherlands to Flevoland - the largest artificial island in the world.