75 Wedding Photo Fails Pictures – This Wedding Photographer Caught it All


Wedding pictures can be one of the most significant captures. Especially, if it’s similar to the ones we have here on this list.

Confused. Should this even be included in a wedding album? This guy looks like he married her for her huge boobies.

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Threesome.This three seem to be enjoying themselves together.

Eye for beauty. The cameraman totally knows where beauty lies in this snap.

Hide and seek. Debbie? Are you there?

Uninvited. These two are having the time of their lives. These acts are uncalled for, however.

One particular girl. Yes, she looks unique–a special girl who needs to be understood for who she is.


Itchy bitchy butts. I wonder what made these bridesmaids itch.

A big pile of poop.I’m not sure if this couple is happy or just taking it easy for others not to notice what they are feeling while scooping from that big pile of poop cake.

BFFs.They will be there wherever you need them– even when times like this comes.

Awed Guests. We have some excellent guests peeking from behind whom I believe were similarly awed by what they are seeing.

The rest is history. Let me have just a bottle more of this Vodka, so I will forget everything that I just did.

The perfect wedding. No costly wedding dress to spend on, no complicated background designs, very minimal distractions, and, I supposed, few invites as well. Oh, I forgot to mention, less headache for both couples, too.

Halloween Theme Wedding. This wedding theme is just perfect if you don’t want to remember who you said “yes” to and just laugh over what happened.

All wasted. I know I can beat you all at this.

The Wedding Mishap. Why does it have to be my wedding dress train? Can’t you think of a better way to go where you need to?

For your eyes only. There’s more to be seen here, but it’s’ for the groom’s enjoyment only.

Wedding bliss. I bet the cameraman is having more fun than this two love birds. This bride should have been more careful. We know it’s her wedding, but can’t she just wait?

Underwater fun. Doesn’t he look so cute?

The looks of love. We know who will be boss after the wedding.

My father said, “yes.”.He does not seem to approve of what you are wearing today, honey.

The Wedding Kiss. We understand that not everyone will not be so happy about this.

Attention Getter. Not the two love birds, of course, but that weird guy wearing a Halloween costume. Is that even appropriate?

Hungry Me. But that huge sausage and bread before your wedding? Isn’t that too much?

Victory. It’s now over, and this bride is no less than happy that she can bid farewell to celibacy. I think just a bit over-reacting, though.

Horsey wants in. Stay calm. This horse just wants to have some fun, too.

Just taking a leak. The little boy just wants a leak. What is so funny about it?

Spotted: Photobomber. One great wedding photo snap. So it seems.

Optical illusion never fails to amuse us. What do you see?

Focus! In photography, there is something we call focus. It’s the couple who should have been the focus in this snap, right?

Just taking things too seriously. Was he even thinking? That will ruin the bride’s gown. The reception has just started.

Calm down, honey. Calm down, honey. Honeymoon’s after the wedding.

Cake smash. When we say face cake smash, we didn’t mean you need to throw off the cake all at once.

Flying chickens. I thought it should be doves? They must have lost the pigeons and thought these cooked chickens

Sweeter than cake.The groom must have found something sweeter than the cake.

Naughty doggy. This is one naughty dog who wants to join the new couple for a kiss.

Perched up on high. So, you think you will have a better view up there? Perhaps a greater chance to break a leg or an arm.

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Two of us together. Nope, there’s three of you. This is just not so right.

A splash gets no better than this. What could be a sensational splash becomes the horrible drop? Just memorable.

All is lost. No, not everyone is happy with such a kiss. If you’re the groom, will you be?

All is well. Something’s not right here. Why are you guys staring at us? We’re just here to take a closer look at what’s happening.

Seal it with a kiss. There’s nothing that a passionate kiss cannot obtain. Achievement unlocked.

Synchronized act. These groomsmen are quite lucky. Imagine having such a pose getting sent to many daily for the whole life of the internet?

Lovers’ lane. This two should know there is what we call a honeymoon. Go somewhere else where there is privacy, will you?

A little distracted. Well, the cameraman just wants to focus on the groom and not the bride.

Surprise attack. What is he doing? It looks like she has a difficult time to breathe.

Freakish bridesmaid. It looks like it’s real. With such a reaction, there’s much that this snap ain’t telling.

Sleepy bride. I need to take a nap right now, right here.

Taller. Look, honey; I’m taller than you now.

Just being me. This little kid needs a break. Just give it to him, before he leaks at something else.

The most awaited. He’s ready and expecting. Let’s see how he would react.

Hold it right there.We understand. It will take a while before the snow fades. Don’t worry it’ll be summer soon.

Rendezvous. This two is having a secret meeting, but what for?

Too bewildered to speak. There’s just something that cannot be spoken but can be made clear with just your actions.

Hit the floor. But that’s not what we mean by that.

Not quite perfect. Your special day on a navy’s training. Very inspiring–indeed.

Look-alike Cake.I’m not sure if this bride is happy with her cake or what.

Planking photo bomber. Seriously? Planking right after the marriage ceremony?

Going down the ramp. I told you we would all go down if we all stand here at the same time.

Picture Perfect. But not always, Especially when photo bombers are stealing the scene.

Sneak Preview. This man’s always watching to take a sneak preview.

Wacky shot. Those are the most beautiful wacky faces I had ever seen.

This says it all. The groom seems to be avoiding the scene. What could be the reason for this?

The third person. This is Paris, my dear. It’s just natural.

Nothing left. Clearly, there’s nothing left to the imagination with such a gown.

Smart-aleck. This boy learned earlier than his siblings.

Very enticing. Why would someone agree to wear a gown like that if she isn’t insinuating anything?

Kiss marks. She thinks more kiss marks will make her more appealing to her groom.

Be careful. I’m just making sure we see every step you make.

Unexpected guest. They’ll be surprised to see me here.

Beach Wedding.It’s not beach wedding without the sand and the sea touching your skin.

Wrong Church. We told you this is not where we’re supposed to be.

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Wedding Mishap. It’s unfortunate there’s no next time for occasions like this.

Do you have more funny antics captured in a snap during a wedding? Leave comments below.