Top 5 best sports cars 2022

  1.  Morgan Plus Six

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The past few years have been transformative years for the Morgan Motor Company. After being family owned and operated until its 110th birthday, the company is now majority privately owned and has just launched its first new car in nearly two decades: the Plus Six.

Built on an all-new box-section aluminum monocoque chassis with double the stiffness of the older Aero Plus Eight series, the Plus Six uses the same BMW inline-six turbocharged petrol engine you’ll find in the Toyota GR Supra. . And since the 335 horsepower it produces drives a car that weighs half a ton less than a Jaguar F-Type, you can believe this car is fast.

It’s also quite dynamically sophisticated, though nuanced by the fact that it’s a Morgan – and it would have been a big mistake to tune this car to feel particularly modern or wise. Electromechanical power steering makes the Plus Six lighter on the rim and easier to handle than the Morgans of yore, while the apparent structural integrity feels pretty good on bumps and bumps sharper and even better than the Morgans. of yesteryear – although still quite far from Porsche territory.

The Plus Six always offers more motivation, charm and a sense of occasion than outright grip and handling agility – maybe as it should. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, however, and in an increasingly dining-hungry market, it is well positioned to deliver as much business to Pickersleigh Road as it believes it is right to stock.