Top 10 Highest Paid Film Jobs


Movie industry is the most glitzy industry in the world and pretty much everyone wants to land up there. However it requires great determination and skills to enter the door of fame. A movie not only consists of acting, directing or production there are innumerous other people who work hard to bring it to life. It’s a highly paid industry but not everyone belongs to the creamy layer, let’s take a look at best paid jobs.

List of the top 10 highest paid film jobs in 2017

10. Costume Designer ($40000)

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Costume designers do lot of research and manual work in understanding the movie theme, the characters, the locations etc. They can be widely praised or heavily criticized if anything bizarre goes in their costume selection. Actors are partially judged on the way they carry themselves on screen and costumes play an important role in that.

9. Director of Photography ($52380)

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One of the most vital aspects of film making, the director of photography is the bridge between the Director’s vision and on screen movie. He is the one who captures every moments of the movie and is expected to have in depth knowledge of latest technology and concept of the movie. The director runs to him every-time he captures a scene and work hand in hand. Cinematographers of high repute earn very high salaries compared to the median salary.

8. Construction Manager ($91620)

Construction Managers are the right hand of Art director and work according to his instructions. They build the whole world inside the studio and all kind of laborers work under him. He is expected to have imaginative expertise and management skills to get things in reality without hassle. According to industry standards the average salary of a construction manager is around $ 92000.

7. Editors ($72,200)

Editors don’t often get the limelight they actually deserve. They spend day and night working on each video, audio and special effects to bring the best scenes possible. They work on the thousands of shots and pick which scenes tell the better story. The editor works in accordance of the director and can do miracles to get an amazing end product

6. Multimedia Animators ($ 72,380)

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The most in demand category of skilled personnel in the movie Industry, they have become a necessity in almost all film fraternities. They are creative heads behind many of the highest grossing movies and thus are well compensated. They bring life to amazing characters to life and draw the mind of the story writer and director.

5. Screenwriters ($ 79000)

Screenwriters are the backbone of any story and the ones who bring it to table for the director. Quite tedious and difficult job, it is only meant for people who visualize the movie while writing. Though a good screenwriter gets paid well for his work, it might take lot of toll before the industry recognizes. A screenwriter may also get criticized for lack of originality or similarity with a different plot.

4. Producer ($ 109,860)

Though the earnings of a producer are directly proportional to the film’s verdict, industry standard puts the above figure as a median salary. A producer is the investor who finds everyone and everything he needs for the film. He is the one who stays from the beginning till the end his fortunes are affected most with the outcome of the project.

3. Directors ($ 110,000)

Movies are what the Directors create! This statement pretty much defines the importance of a director in film making. Apart from the financial aspect in most cases, he has a say in every other department including casting, technical hiring, location etc. In some cases the director’s earning also depends on the success of the movie. The more successful movies in the name, better the compensation.

2. Art Directors ($ 125,010)

Art director brings the visuals and sketches to reality, he/she is the one who prepares, find, and builds sets and locations for the movie. It requires both creativity and management to be a good Art director as he needs to work under the budget and idea of the movie. Quality Art Directors gets paid much more than the median salary and are well recognized too.

1. Talent Agents ($ 178,340)

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Quite demanding job, the talent agents work hard from the preconceived time of a movie project. They work with the producers to find scripts, directors, film distribution companies and what not. It’s not easy as it sounds like and thus gets the highest average salary.

Interesting thing to notice is that the above list does not consist of actors. Though it’s a fact that the top actors do get immensely paid, the average salary is less as majority in the industry don’t make their way up the ladder. However more than any other profession people aspire to be an actor as it brings fame and even if they strike mid level they can earn well.