Top 10 Highest Paid Business Jobs in The World


Unemployment rate has seen a rise after the recession in 2008 but now the industries have almost covered up and providing more employment to the potential candidates. Education has been entering into very competitive field wherein there is cutthroat competition. However, there have been some jobs, which provide very good pay to the employees along with job satisfaction.

Below is the list of highest paid business jobs in the world in 2017 :-

10. Financial managers

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One of the highest paid jobs of Financial managers have the responsibility of overseeing the finances of major corporations, agencies and everything in between. Financial managers, who also can handle international finance and also the more and more difficult world of economic instruments and securities, as well as derivatives, are the foremost marketable.

Median Salary annually- $130,230
The best-paid areas- San Francisco and San Jose, California.
Degree- bachelor’s/ masters degree in finance

9. Actuaries

It is a discipline that uses arithmetic, statistics and money theory to live, manage and mitigate money risk and uncertainty. Actuaries area unit essential to the insurance business, and they are progressively finding niches in alternative businesses. Most actuaries area unit utilized by the insurance business and their estimator experience can still be required to judge insurance product.

Median salary Annually – $110,090
The best-paid areas- District of Columbia; Washington D.C and Kansas City
Degree – Bachelor degree with majors in Mathematics or Actuarial science plus passing the exams.

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8. Business Operation manager

Business Operation manager are Often mentioned as the “go-to” individuals at a corporation. They facilitate varied departments inside a company coordinate to fulfill the top goal. Their job includes hiring individuals, negotiating contracts, addressing budget matters, understanding general business operations and guiding work groups for comes and this is also one of the highest paid jobs in USA

Median salary Annually –$117,200
The best paid areas- Bridgeport, Trenton and Connecticut
Degree- bachelor’s degree or master degree

7. management Analyst

management Analyst known as consultants, management Associate in Nursing lists area unit the one WHO area unit usually employed to search out ways that to boost an organization’s potency and increase profits. Management consultants collect and analyze information concerning however, a corporation works so advocate changes that may decrease prices or boost revenue.

Median salary annually – $90,860
The best paid areas- Greeley, Naples Pittsfield, Colorado and Massachusetts
Degree – Bachelor/masters degree in Business administration

6. Medical and Health services managers

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Excellent organizers create the most effective medical and health services managers. They plan, direct, and coordinate behind the scenes at hospitals, nursing homes, cluster practices, and tending facilities to stay things running swimmingly. These managers conjointly possess robust communication, social, and technical skills.

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Median salary Annually- $103,680
The best paid areas- San Jose and Madera
Degree-Bachelor’s degree in Health administration

5. Mathematicians

Some mathematicians conduct analysis to explore and develop theories, et al really applies those theories and techniques to unravel daily issues. Common positions mathematicians fill embody monetary analysts, systems analysts, professors and elementary, middle and high school academics

Median salary Annually-$104,350
The Best-paid areas-: Washington D.C.; San Francisco, California
Degree-Bachelor’s degrees

4. Financial advisors

Financial advisors will perform the combined roles of stockbrokers, community bankers, and insurance salespeople. The final duty of today’s monetary consultant is to counsel purchasers on their finances that cowl everything from investment to retirement plans. the most effective willdidates for this position square measure smart listeners and sympathizers World Health Organization can justify advanced concepts in less complicated ways that.

Median salary Annually-: $108,090
The Best-paid areas – Connecticut; Panama City, Florida, Danbury,
Degree -Bachelor’s degree

3. Accountants

One of the highest paid graduate jobs of accountants whether or not public, internal, management, or government — square measure to blame forgetting ready taxes, playacting audits, and providing consulting. They are “numbers people”. As per World Health Organization, Accountants have exceptional problem-solving skills and organization.

Median salary Annually- $73,670
The Best-paid areas-: New York, San Jose
Degree – Associate degrees, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree in accounting or business administration

2. Operations research analysts

Operations research analysts flip data into price for businesses. they are high-level downside solvers World Health Organization use optimization, data processing, applied mathematics analysis, and mathematical modelling to develop solutions that facilitate businesses and organizations operate a lot of with efficiency.

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Median salary Annually- $82,940
The Best-paid areas San Jose and San Diego
Degree -Bachelor’s degree in Maths, or industrial engineering,

1. Statisticians

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Statisticians collect knowledge and style experiments that aim to unravel issues in sort of sectors, together with public safety, healthcare, environmental, and sports. Moving forward, statistician’s square measure expected to collaborate with medicine, computer, genetics, and social sciences professionals furthermore as contribute to quantitative solutions involving human rights and strategy.

Median salary Annually- $84,010
The Best-paid areas San Jose and San Francisco
Degree – Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, master’s degree in statistics or mathematics

The above stated jobs need basic bachelor degree in the perspective field and with the years of experience the pay and job role increase and increase. The flexibility and stress level too increase but the pay is worth enough to satisfy your job. The unemployment rate in mostly all the jobs are less and so these jobs are much in demand now.