Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In Philippines


Jobs are the means of daily bread for everyone. Without job there would not be work, without work there would be no progress or employment. The whole system of the world in terms of finance and economics is dependent upon this. Why do we do jobs, is it to bring meaning in our lives? Responsibilities? Contribution to the community? Because things were just as fine when human beings were dependent upon the nature for food and shelter. The answer to these questions would be that jobs have become as a part of our lifestyle. We can’t deny to do job in our lives; it’s just a part of our lives.

But hey! Every job is not the same and different jobs have different salaries. Employment has spur in the Asian regions especially in the Philippines. There are different and several types of jobs in the Philippines. Jobs also depend upon different fields. The Philippines is now catered with job opportunities as it is a developing country.

List of top 10 highest paid jobs in Philippines in 2017.

10. Manufacturing Production Operations (net worth – 59,153 PHP)

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One of the booming jobs profile in the Philippines is managerial and operation. The skills required in this job are management and handling various tasks. This job is prominent in the country as well as very rewarding as people get to show off their skills in here. This job of manufacturing and production operations is one of the highest paid jobs in the Philippines as employers get a salary of 59,153 PHP on an average.

9. Repairing and Maintenance (net worth – 59,367 PHP)

In the field of engineering, maintenance and repairing involving jobs are well flourished in the Philippines. This job requires talented and young engineers who are capable in performing these tasks. The career and scope in this field is great as experienced employers can get a salary of more than 59,367 PHP and therefore this job also comes under the highest paid jobs in the Philippines. Employers starting out in this job also get a handsome salary.

8. Finance/Accounting (net worth – 59,696 PHP)

This job of Finance and accounting is one of the most prevalent and chosen jobs in the Philippines. This job does not discriminate experience and even fresh employers can get a great salary package. The highest salary package offered in this job is 59,696 PHP. So it is one of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines.

7. Finance and Investment (net worth – 66,362 PHP)

Another highest paid jobs in the Philippines is finance and investment. This industry is booming at a great level in the country and many new aspirants opt for this job as the salary package is high. While the starters in this job get a good salary package, the experienced employers get a high salary up to 66,362 PHP and this is the sole reason it is appearing in this list.

6. Development and Training (net worth – 67,380 PHP)

This job of development and training has been considered to be one of the best jobs and highest paid jobs in the Philippines as there is not much pressure and workload, plus the salary is great. Employers in this job with few years of experience get a monthly salary of 23,762 PHP while the highest salary offered to employers having more experience is 67,380 PHP.

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5. Interior designing/Architecture (net worth – 68,616 PHP)

This job is one of the fancy professions in the world; it is also prominent in the Philippines. This profession has a great salary and the highest amount of salary can reach up to 68,616 PHP. So this profession is also one of the highest paid jobs in the Philippines.

4. Customer Care/Service (net worth – 76,538 PHP)

Customer care/service is one of the highest paid jobs in the Philippines. Even the entry level salary in this job profile is handsome. Employees get paid for what they deserve in this job. The salary ranges from 34,772 PHP up to 76,538 PHP.

3. Technical Support (net worth – 80,405 PHP)

As this is rewarding as the salary is high and for this reason, this job of tech support comes under the highest paid jobs in the Philippines. This one of the booming job profile and the career and scope out here is huge. This job also has a great demand in the country.

2. Information Technology (net worth – 81,274 PHP)

The industry of Information Technology is only growing in the Philippines as it is rapidly developing. An employer starting out in this job gets around 33,029 PHP of salary which further increases to 52,319. An employer at higher position gets a salary package of 81,274 PHP. So it is definitely one of the highest paid jobs in the Philippines.

1. IT Software (net worth – 100,838 PHP)

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This job profile is on the top of highest paid jobs in the Philippines as it is one of the biggest industries in the world. Not just in the Philippines, but also in most of the countries, this job is the highest paying job as the salary reaches up to 100,838 PHP in the Philippines.

So these are the jobs in the Philippines that pay the most. Employers of these jobs are fully satisfied as they get what they deserve.