The Most Beautiful And Handsome Athletes At The Tokyo Olympics


1. Alica Schmidt

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Much to the delight of every sports fan, Alicia Schmidt, who also been selected as the World’s Sexiest Athlete, booked a flight for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. She has been said to be the sexiest athlete by many media outlets. The German 22-year-old is making her Olympic debut this year. She will be competing in the 4×400 mixed relay which is a first-ever as well as 4×400 relay. The casual fans and also die-hard fans are thrilled to see her competing at the largest stage in the world this year.

2. Caeleb Dressel

The USA has always had phenomenal swimmers, and Caeleb Dressel certainly is looking to continue that tradition. He has been dubbed to be the future of USA Swimming. While on the swimming department he has big shoes to fill, considering that Michael Phelps' career has gone to incredible lengths, Dressel is also becoming a household name, already having three world records under his name. Oh, and did we forget to mention that he is drop-dead gorgeous?

3. Alix Klineman

The reason why many of us love beach volleyball is that we can get to see bombshells like Alix Klineman. The Californian is partnered with April Ross at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and they are one of the favorites to win this year’s gold medal. The 31-year-old has been playing volleyball for most of her life, but it’s interesting to note that she has started playing beach volleyball professionally in 2017.

4. Gregorio Paltrinieri

Paltrinieri is not a stranger to the Olympics, in fact, he will be participating for the third time in these Olympic Games. At the London Olympics, despite only being 17, he managed to come fifth. It was clear that the sky was the limit for him, and in the 2016 Rio Olympics, he managed to win the gold medal. The Italian Adonis also holds the world record in freestyle (short course) 1,500 meters. We are certainly sure that we will get to see him on the podium this year as well.

5. Leticia Bufoni

The tattooed Brazilian goddess is already famous on social media, she has managed to amass an incredible 3.4 million followers. Bufoni is a professional street skateboarder. She is not a stranger to winning titles, since she won the X Games competition multiple times in her illustrious career. She is also a very daring athlete since she didn't flinch at the opportunity of posing nude for ESPN.

6. Zharnel Hughes

Great Britain is keeping their hopes up and expecting a lot from Hughes at these Olympic Games. This summer, he is looking to take the throne after the legendary Usain Bolt. Zharnel, has actually trained together with Usain Bolt. At the moment, he is the 2nd fastest Brit in the country’s history. However, that doesn’t get to his head, since he has said that this rice is “wide open”.

7. Rebeca Andrade

Brazil is known for having gorgeous women, and Rebeca Andrade definitely fits the bill. Along with her stunning looks, Andrade is known for being an accomplished gymnast, and she managed to prove that this year at the Pan American Championships Saturday by winning the all-around title. This qualified her automatically for this year's Olympics. We expect to see some dazzling moves from her as we have been accustomed to it throughout her career.

8. Jordan Windle

Windle had a rough start to his life since he just turned one when he was left at an orphanage. Luckily, only eight months later he was adopted. His journey to become an Olympian began at a very young age. When he was only seven, he started training, and it seems that hard work has paid off for him. He will be representing the US as a diver. It is certain that his diving skills are off the charts, but he will be also turning heads with his chiseled physique.

9. Alex Morgan

Most of us are already familiar with the gorgeous Alex Morgan, be that on and off the green grass. She has already tasted the glory of winning, ever since 2012 when she and her team won the entire thing! Morgan isn't just doing this for the fame, as she has been known to use her influence to help with various causes throughout her career. Most of the USWNT fans know that she is a very special player that has had an incredible career so far.

10. Sam Mikulak

Mikulak’s got it all, a body that is shaped like a Greek god, an incredible hard worker that has managed to already win a bronze and a silver medal in 2012. As an artistic gymnast, he has won many accolades. However, the gold is still missing in his cabinet and the Tokyo Olympics may be the right time for him to do so.

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11. Dina Asher-Smith

Asher-Smith is already famous off the track, and she is looking to already become a household name and win gold at this year’s Olympics. The British stunner already has a bronze medal in her pocket, but knowing how determined of an athlete she is, she won’t stop at anything before she brings home the gold. She was never in stating that she wants to be the best, and since she’s already the fastest British woman in history, she’s looking to improve even further and become the fastest woman in the world.

12. Bam Adebayo

Adebayo has certainly blossomed as a player, after just three NBA seasons he has already managed to reach the NBA Finals, and being selected to represent your country at the Olympics in basketball is an incredible honor, knowing how stacked the US team is at all times. Bam has already impressed many during the poor performances of the US team at the beginning of this Olympics.

13. Janja Garnbret

The Slovenian rock climber is looking to win it all this year. At just 22 she has set her sights on Olympic gold, and no one is surprised because as of this year's July, she has won an incredible 30 World Cup events. The 22-year-old bombshell rests only one day a week and during these Olympics she is one of the biggest favorites to nab gold for the small European country.

14. Devin Booker

Devin Booker is coming off a huge career heartbreak since his Phoenix Suns lost in the NBA Finals at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite this, it's certain that the scoring machine will not be impacted as he looks to lead his team to glory, yet again. Booker is known for being a prolific scorer in the NBA, and in 2017, he managed to score a mind-boggling 70 points against the Boston Celtics.

15. Sandi Morris

This will be the 2nd Olympics for the Illinois native as she is looking to win it all this year ever since she won the silver medal at the Rio Olympics. She is one of the most complete pole vaulters at the time, and she is definitely one of the most beautiful athletes to be participating in this year's Olympic Games. Despite having a silver medal, she is still humble, and she admitted to feeling overwhelmed to be an Olympian one more time. We will certainly be rooting to see the blonde reach the podium.

16. Andrew Wilson

Wilson will be competing against some very tough competition for the 200 and 100-meter breaststroke events. While it will definitely be a very tough task for him, that will not stop him from trying to snatch away a medal from many of the favorites out there. If we take into consideration that this will be his first Olympics, this will be even more special for the American. The 27-year-old will be looking to prove everyone wrong.

17. Allyson Felix

It’s hard to know where to start about the American stunner that has already a stupendous 6 gold medals, yes, you read that correctly, she has managed to become the fastest woman 6 times at the Olympic Games. This will be her fifth time at the Olympic Games, yet the 35-year-old is as focused as ever and she is still a favorite. It’s incredible to note that her first Olympics as an athlete was back in 2004. There are only a few athletes that manage to stay at the top of their game for such a long time.

18. Max Irving

The American Adonis is one of the good-looking members of the US water polo team, and that is saying something, considering that the majority of the players there are already drop-dead gorgeous. Irving has stated that his dream finally came true of being an Olympian. He grew up in Long Beach, which is already known for producing many Olympians throughout the years.

19. Alex Walsh

Let’s start by saying that Alex Walsh is simply beautiful and tall, we’re talking 6-foot-tall. The 19-year-old prodigy has already managed to win a silver medal at this year’s Olympics on the 200-meter individual medley event. Unfortunately, she finished only 0.13 seconds behind Yui Ohashi. While she was on the podium holding her silver medal, she looked like a model on a runway. Seeing how her career has taken off at such a young age, the sky is the limit for the Nashville swimmer.

20. Bobby Finke

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We finish off this list with another American swimmer, and it seems quite fitting to do so since Bobby Finke definitely deserves the gold medal, at least in the good looks department. Looks aside, Bobby is already looking to become a bonafide superstar in the future. He holds multiple records, and he will not be stopping this summer. Only time will tell how successful he will become.