7 Spots In Our Homes We All Forget To Clean Sometimes


Make sure not to overlook these often-neglected areas when tidying up next time. Among the numerous tasks we tackle on a regular basis, cleaning the floors, counters, toilet, and sink is a given. We tend to promptly address visible grime and clutter, such as dirty laundry and dusty shelves. However, there are seven discreet spots that frequently slip our minds during the cleaning routine. Will you remember to attend to them thoroughly next time? We’ll definitely strive to do so!

Neglected corners

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While we diligently clean the surfaces within our home, we often overlook the neglected corners. Surprisingly, dust also settles on the vertical spaces of our walls. Open your curtains and illuminate the room to reveal an astonishing amount of dust adorning the walls. Embark on a cleaning quest, starting from the top and descending to the baseboards. Hidden Havens Underneath our beds, sofas, and chairs, a world of accumulated dust awaits. Though we diligently vacuum these areas, have you ever considered the hidden havens beneath your furniture? Cobwebs and dust bunnies find solace here.


Are you a fan of lush, vibrant houseplants? Their beauty and vibrant energy can truly transform a space. However, maintaining these big plants requires regular cleaning due to the accumulation of dust. A clever trick for cleaning them involves using the shower or bathtub. Simply place your plants under a gentle stream of water, and voila! But what if you have a massive, unwieldy plant? Fear not! Take a slightly damp microfiber cloth and delicately wipe down each leaf. Intrigued? Continue reading on the next page!

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Cabinets and doors

Often, we overlook the hidden world within our homes, neglecting to explore the forgotten treasures tucked away in drawers and cabinets. Take a moment to peek inside and unravel the secrets of these uncharted territories. Begin with the closet, where the chaos of the past lies undisturbed. Remove each item with caution, for within these depths, you may stumble upon dusty relics and unexpected discoveries. Embrace the opportunity to declutter, bidding farewell to possessions no longer of use. Restore order to this forgotten realm, employing plastic containers to guard your newfound harmony.

Vacuum Cleaner

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When was the last time you gave your vacuum cleaner a thorough cleaning? Changing the bag or emptying the canister is just the beginning. Surprisingly, it’s recommended to deep clean it every month. To begin, gently wash the canister with soapy water, ensuring it’s thoroughly dried before reattaching. Don’t forget about the filters—clean or replace them as necessary. Finally, meticulously remove any stray hairs and dust from the attachments. Your cleaner will thank you for the rejuvenation!