Beware of These 24 Terrifying Bridges From Around the World


If you suffer from gephyrophobia — a fear of bridges — then you might want to avoid these particular crossings. While most of these bridges are safe to travel across, they can still make for a terrifying experience, especially if you’re afraid of heights. Here are 15 of the scariest bridges around the world, ranked in no particular order.

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Here are 24 of the scariest bridges around the world.

1. Kuandinsky Bridge, Russia

Alt textMartin Remiš / YouTube
Alt textNail Asfandiarov / Shutterstock

We wouldn’t recommend you take a drive across this battered 6-foot-wide bridge that has no railings or safety features in the Trans-Baikal Region.

It’s even worse when it snows — the structure’s covered in wooden planks, which can get incredibly slippery — and strong winds could send daredevil drivers plummeting into the icy river below.

The 1,870-foot-long bridge — which was originally erected as part of a train crossing — hasn’t been repaired in over three decades. Although there’s a much safer, sturdier bridge built alongside it, the Kuandinsky Bridge was never actually torn down, leaving thrill seekers free to make the dangerous trip across.