20 Of The Absolute Most Expensive Mistakes Made In History


Expensive Mistakes That Ending Up Costing These Businesses A Fortune

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No matter how much corporations invest in engineering feats of wonder, no matter how many top-notch brains you have working on a project for companies backed by the likes of United Airlines, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong.

From billion-dollar submarines that don’t end up being able to float to one-of-a-kind rare guitars mistakenly destroyed by Hollywood actors, costly mistakes can (and do) happen, costing companies anywhere from thousands to tens of billions of dollars. Some of these projects could have easily been saved by a simple email, while others were doomed from the start.

In other cases, these mistakes are far more personal and can alter the course of someone’s life forever. Take, for example, the man that threw millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin into the local landfill, or the time a former Apple employee sold his 10% share for just a few hundred dollars.