Top 10 Highest Paid Graduate Jobs in The World


When we talk about professional jobs after the graduation, it is important to look into the best paying graduate jobs for the college students. STEM jobs include science, technology, engineering and math. The top earning graduate jobs are dominated with majors in STEM field but that does not mean humanities major cannot make a solid living. People who start their business and rise to the position of CEO would have the highest salary of all.

However, in terms of potential earning in 2017 engineering majors hold the top position because of the growing demands and technology taking over our lives.

List of top ten highest paid graduate jobs in 2017.

10. Physicists (Average Salary: $57,200 to $105,100)

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Everything from matter to energy is governed by physics and a physicist study the properties and laws of physics. Since physics is applied to everything on this planet, physicists specialise in subfields such as Astrophysics, nuclear physics, medical physics, and matter physics. Each field gives different opportunities of research, teachings and discoveries of new findings.

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