Inside Steve Jobs' Home in Palo Alto


Tucked away on a Palo Alto corner of Waverley Street, Steve Jobs enjoyed family life in his 1930s Tudor-style home. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs bought the Palo Alto home in the mid-1990s, after his marriage with Laurene. The 5,768-sq ft modest house sits on over a half acre and includes 7 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The house is very much of the “British country style,” fitting beautifully with the rest of this quiet neighborhood — and certainly didn’t stand out as the house of a high-tech mogul.

Lane Wallace wrote about Jobs, her neighbor, in the Atlantic. She talks about the “calming” nature of his home and the neighborhood:

There are not many photos of the inside of Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto house, expect for pictures of Jobs’ home office (below) taken for a Time Magazine article. The Time reporter added:

Here’s the photo gallery of Steve Jobs’ Home in Palo Alto

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