12 Wives & Girlfriends Of The Richest Men In The World


1. Priscilla Chan

Almost everyone on that planet’s heard about Mark Zuckerberg, the outspoken co-founder of Facebook who has an estimated worth of more than $35 billion. His better half and old college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan, may not share in his notoriety, but she is as philanthropic as she is beautiful. Together, the charismatic power couple have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to promote education and improve public schools.

Married to: Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder of Facebook

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Zuckerberg and Chan first met at a party in 2003 when they were both attending Harvard University. Chan has said that Zuckerberg was rather shy and nerdy at first, but she knew he was serious about their relationship when he told her that “[he’d] rather be on a date with her than finish his midterm.”

The couple married in a small ceremony in 2012.